Alexander Osokin, Moscow Virtuosi

I follow very closely the recordings of ARIA Classical and especially the work of his sound engineer, Fernando Arias, and I can comment without any doubt that always get a very real and natural sound of everything they record. The work of both, recording and editing is truly great.

Frierich Haider

Friedrich Haider, conductor

Among the many phantastic recording engineers and artistical supervisors I had the pleasure to work with (Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft, Teldec, BMG etc.) Fernando Arias has always remained to be the one of my personal preference. It has been ten years ago, that we have started to record together, and in the meantime there are no less than 10 complete recordings, among them works by Ermanno Wolf–Ferrari (integral orchestral music, sacred music, a cappella choirs and the opera ("Il segreto di Susanna“) as well as Verdis Otello. Wolf-Ferraris violin concerto (with soloist Benjamin Schmid) was awarded with „Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik“ in 2013. Mr. Arias has in fact "conductors ears“, a perfect feeling for all different styles and formats of music. I look forward to all coming next!


Joachim Krist, producer

Mr. Fernando Arias is an excellent and reliable sound engineer. Within numerous collaborations he has demonstrated his extraordinary musicality. He is also a highly gifted musician, and his great technical understanding. The cooperation with him has given always big pleasure to me not least thanks to his nice, quiet and humorous nature. I can recommend him in every respect only most warmly.